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Is something not quite feeling right? You can edit your guidelines any time by clicking into Content Types or Brand Guidelines from the dashboard. The best style and brand guidelines are always evolving!

Here you can write, revise, edit, and format your content.

You can also add comments to your work.

This top bar will show you the Content Type and Brand Guidelines we’re applying. It also shows you a score of how well your content adheres to what you’ve told us about these styles.

The closer this style score gets to 100, the better your content is aligning with your best practices!

While you’re editing and revising, your document will save itself, and these guidelines and suggestions will update automatically.

Each of the categories contribute to your overall score. Clicking on a red or yellow item will give you more information about how you can improve your content.

Click on “Keywords” to add the keywords you’re optimizing your content for.

If you added a topic when you created a document, you should already see some ideas under Wriber’s ideas to explore.

All of Wriber’s ideas come sourced with an article that’s recently been written on this topic. When an idea is selected, you can click out to the source to start your research.

In this view, you can also add comments, remove a specific idea that you don’t like, or drag and drop the text directly into your document.

When you click the source to open it in a new tab, you can actually take snippets of text and save them directly in the document. Just add Wriber’s extension to your browser! This will allow you to save quotes and stats along with their source.

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